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Might I Suggest: Dan Savage, Bullying and the Truth about Gays and the Bible


As you may have heard, Dan Savage, America’s favorite gay perv (I say that lovingly) created a bit of an uproar in the past week with some comments he made about homosexuality and the Bible. The funny thing is, if you’ve paid any attention to Dan Savage at all, you know that he is always making (insightful, intelligent) comments about homosexuality and the Bible. And cursing while making them. It’s like, his thing.

Apparently, some of the journalism students in the audience didn’t do their homework, walking out as he spoke. Let’s hope none of them aspire to be investigative journalists, White House correspondents, or write about anything that is the least bit controversial, like, say, the news.

Here is the clip, embedded in a great opinion piece by John Shore for HuffPost Religion. [Be sure to read the postscript re: bullying and othering. It’s worth the price of admission.]

And here is where you can read Dan’s own words in response to the backlash.  He apologizes, but not really, which I think is, again, perfect.

Walkouts aside, I appreciate Dan’s message. Would I say that there is”bullshit” in the Bible? Probably not. But I would say that the misuse, misinterpretation, conflagration, and misappropriation of any sacred text to subjugate, belittle and dominate others is, in the purest sense of the phrase, utter bullshit.

My take on race, slavery and homosexuality bullshit and the Bible can be found here:

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