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Might I Suggest: That guy from Seinfeld is my positivity role model


Confession: Not being mean has been really tough over the last few weeks.

From tailgaters, to messy interpersonal relationships, to oh-my-gosh-the-pain-is-everywhere, keeping my positivity in tact has been quite a struggle.  I gave in and ranted on Facebook.  I’ve cursed a few people out in my head.  And, on Friday, after a yelling match in the school parking lot, I looked at the Munchkin and said,

You know, baby, sometimes people just piss Mommy off.

Not my proudest moment.  Which is why I’m turning the mic over to that guy from Seinfeld.

I’m not a Seinfeld fan.  But I do know that, as George, Jason Alexander was all the things I don’t want to be: bitter, petty, defensive, egotistical, mean.   He was written without a positive bone in his body.

It turns out that Jason Alexander is a great actor.   And role model.

Because when it comes to responding to socially insensitive, egg on your face, bonehead moves, this guy should teach a master class.  He made a joke (calling cricket gay), was criticized for the joke, and, GET THIS!, thought critically about where he went wrong.  What he wrote in response is not a defense, or an excuse, or a Fuck You! manifesto.  It is a well-delivered account of what he was thinking, where that thinking veered off course, and how he, and all of us, can do better.  He counters the ever present “OMG the world sucks gorilla nuts because we have to be politically correct and sensitive to others” whine argument with such grace and perfection  that I was literally in awe.

He turned a negative into a positive and educated people in the process.

So please, take a moment to read Jason’s letter (via GLAAD) and let me know if he’s sparked the positive in you.