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Might I Suggest: What Does a Black Lesbian Look Like?


It’s amazing what kind of foolishness comes out of people’s mouths.  Especially when they’re scrambling to get themselves out of a sticky, GAY, situation.

(Pun intended)

Take, for example, Florida’s Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll.  While clumsily attempting to discredit an alleged same-sex encounter with a travel aide, she managed to denigrate the physical appearance of black lesbian and bisexual women AND insult black single mothers AND belittle single black women.

Did I mention that Mrs. Carroll is a black woman?  AND the first African-American to take state-wide office in Florida?  AND the first woman AND African-American to be elected to the position of Lt. Gov.?

Mrs. Carroll’s ignorance  and insensitivity on countless levels has left me quite speechless.  Thankfully, Kimberley McLeod, the National Black Justice Coalition‘s Director of Communications, dismantles Mrs. Carroll’s assertions quite eloquently.

But perhaps I can offer Mrs. Carroll three words that might at least clear up the “what do black lesbians and bisexual women look like” misunderstanding.

Sweet. Heat. Miami.

You’re welcome.