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How to Stay Friends with Someone Who is Buying a House in 60 Days: A Companion Piece


It occurred to me: we’re rarely in the market for houses ourselves but there could always be someone in our circle of friends who is.  This is generally not problematic, unless, of course, they’re trying to buy a home in 60 days.  As alluded to in the original post, buying a home in 60 days is a feat most often brought about by circumstances outside of one’s control (also known as desperation).  In such instances, the home buyers will most certainly be focused (to put it politely) upon their impending purchase.  Rarely will a conversation with such a person not veer into the realm of property taxes, the cost to upgrade to granite, or current lending rates.

Frustration with the home buyers is inevitable and simply can’t be avoided.  Unless, of course, you follow my easy plan:

1. Don’t call them until day 61.


Yeah, that’s it.

Now if you also happen to be the purchaser’s realtor or therapist, well, you’re screwed.  Otherwise, if your friendship with the purchaser is worthing saving, ride out the storm in the quiet comfort of your home, dodging phone calls and texts like their from your last ex (the one with the creepy left eye).  Besides, they’ll barely even notice.  They’re penniless (closing costs!), sleepless (up panicking at night) and have sore feet (how many houses have we seen?!?!) so your invitation to Gallery Hop was better left not extended.

Then, when day 61 comes, call with a hardy congratulations, promise to help paint, and be the first person at the door for the house warming.


P.S. To my friends who, sadly, could not benefit from this advice, thank you for not following this advice.