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The trouble with books…

The trouble with books…

My son LOVES bookstores.  If it were up to him, we would go once a week and buy at least 3 books each time – possibly enough to keep up with his voracious reading habit.

And, apparently, he loves embarrassing me in them as well.

Our favorite shop?  The Book Loft in German Village.  (Who doesn’t love 32 rooms of books?  32!)  And since my sister-in-law, also an avid reader, was in town, a stop was in order.

We added my niece, the Diva, to our caravan and headed over right after school.  When we reached Room 7, we were surprised to find some discounted kids books.  So we stopped to peruse and debate the relative merits of Barbie books and fairy tale books.

And, of course, pick up each and every book we saw.

One of the books the Diva picked up was of the interactive drawing variety.  Googly eyes sprang out from holes in the body of the book, surrounded by a blank white page.  Each time you flipped a page, you got the same silly eyes to start with, and a blank canvas for you next monster creation.  The Diva, estimating that her eyes would look even better in the book, held the book up to her face so that her eyes peered at Munchkin and I through the holes surrounded by the blank canvas.

“Look Auntie!”

“Ooooh”, I admired as a few other patrons wandered into our corner of the store.  Then heard,

“Look, Mom!  Eva’s looks like a white girl!”


“Munchkin!” came my hushed-voice exclamation as I glanced around nervously for the shocked faces and disapproving glares I just knew would be aimed in our direction.

“What?” was the nonchalant reply.

“Why would you say something like that?  That’s not appropriate.”

“What did I say?  She did look white ’cause she was holding up that book to her face.  So she looked white.”

“Yes, darling, I know, but there are other people in here and…”

“Cause I meant it literally, like the color white, not that she’s a white person. [pauses thoughtfully]  OOOOoooh, but other people probably thought that’s what I meant.  And I said it kinda loud, didn’t I?”

Yes, yes you did son.

So, when 17yo you is wondering why, oh why, the woman who bore him is showing old videos of him dancing in his underwear to his prom date, please think back on this day and so many others like it.

Dancing. Machine.

Wait, did I say 17 and prom date.  Oops.  I guess I meant 8.5 and the whole internets.