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Cats Paws


Another week, another chance to experience the best that life has to offer!

1. The Australian Open: Thanks to a friend of mine, I love tennis. So if you’ve ever wondered who’s up between midnight and 6am watching the Opens on ESPN2, it’s she and I. Now, we’re in the midst of a great tournament in the land down under and it’s been great. There is a distinctly Australian vibe – louder and more rambunctious than, say, Wimbledon. Not a night owl? Catch it on replay in the afternoon or DVR it between now and Sunday. And remember – no zeros, all love.

2. Overstock.com for furniture: By the grace of the Creator, I will be doing some furniture shopping soon. Now, I haven’t done much of that in the past. Ok, I’ve done, like, none. And I never thought that I’d be doing it at overstock.com. But the same place that I found a great deal on a fab watch for my father-in-law also has great deals on furniture. How great? 5-50% off great. Who knew? (Google.) You’re probably thinking that the shipping cost on a sofa, dining set or bed erases any savings. Wrong! Just $2.95, like everything else on their website. You know, with that tiny shipping cost, O.co might be a great place to pick up some pretty nice housewarming gifts, too…

3. Febreze Air Effects: I never thought that an air freshener would warrant a mention here, but, alas, it does. Fellow dog lovers, pay attention. You’ve been there. Lying in bed, minding your own business. When out of nowhere, a putrid, gag-inducing smell smacks you in the face like a fresh bag of manure. Your dog has passed gas. Lethal, lethal gas. Take my word for it, save your nose hairs and pull out the Febreze. Their commercials may seem a little outlandish (that nasty kitchen smells like a garden??), but the results are truly amazing. Breathe easy, my friends.

4. The Age of Aquarius: The most wonderful time of the year has arrived! And, lest you think that I’m referring only to my glorious entrée into the world, I’m actually surrounded by other Aquarians. Daddy, step-mom, mother-in-law and sister-in-law are all being celebrated during this zodiac period. Don’t know much about Aquarians? Oh, we’re fun. Eccentric, extroverted communicators who love change and surprises. But even beyond fabulous us, there’s an entire age characterized by peace, harmony and prosperity! Of course no one is really sure when we entered it, or when we’ll leave it, but with a 2,000 year window, it’s pretty safe to say we’ll be enjoying it for the rest of our lives. So pick out your fro, grab your 5th Dimension 8-track, and let the sun shine in!