Because I over-analyze.

Because I connect the dots that others don’t see.

Because I laugh every day.

Because I’m not like you. 

But I am what your readers want to hear.

My writing background includes eight years in the legal field.  That’s good news for you, even if you’re not a law firm.  I worked for single moms, kids, and small business owners.  Each of their issues became my own as I advocated in writing on their behalf.  My writing has not only persuaded trial level and appellate judges, but been complimented by them as well.  Your readers, your judges, will be equally impressed.

Whether you’re looking for a fresh voice, or simply want to amplify your own, my work will deliver.

I can provide:

  • Freelance articles
  • Guest blog posts
  • Business (food, wine, shopping) reviews
  • Personal spotlights (interviews)
  • Editing/proofreading
  • [Your need here]

Use the form below to contact me about your specific needs or ideas.

I look forward to our journey!



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