Bhan: That’s me! I’m a domestic goddess with a legal background, one deadly combination if there ever was one.

Wife: My beautiful, genius of a wife who is also legally trained and still working in the field. She’s a transplant from the Bayou who spends Ohio winters dressed like the abominable snowman. But don’t let the gruff exterior fool you. She’s an old softy who giggles like tickle-me-Elmo if you know just the right spot…

Mars/Munchkin: Precocious doesn’t even begin to describe my 8 year old son who specializes in unnerving questions and hilarious insights.

Macy: The puggle puppy isn’t quite a pug and isn’t quite a beagle. She also isn’t really a puppy. But she isn’t really full grown either. She’s… goofy.

She's not at all mean, but that underbite is.

Scrooge: The goofy puppy’s forcefield wielding nemesis, Ebenezer Scrooge is a mini tiger with as much attitude as he has love.

Like you've never wanted to climb into one...


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