Welcome to my little piece of the world!

BhanVoyage is about perspective.  I write about issues with which we’re all familiar — dreams, triumphs, heartaches — but with a voice that is not.  The black lesbian, a minority within a minority within a minority, lives on the edge of black, on the edge of woman and on the edge of gay, none of these sub-cultures fully embracing or accommodating her.  She is not someone whom we often hear from.  Until now.

I am a black lesbian born and living in Columbus, Ohio.   I spent 4 very important years in Washington, D.C. [Howard University], learning and growing and laying the foundation for the woman I am today.  Upon my return to Columbus, I earned a law degree, established a family and career, and accidently fell in love with my hometown.

I am an avid sports fan (such a Buckeye!).  My favorite athlete is my Munchkin (such a mom!) who is also an aspiring artist and film director.

I have always been a nerd, so it’s no wonder that I married the smartest woman I know 2 years ago.  Fair warning: we’re still in the honeymoon phase.

Known to break out in random fits of song and dance, I love nothing more than to smile and will find almost any excuse to do so.

While I’ve given you the highlights here, the best way to get to know me is through my writing.  I bare my soul in these words, not for your approval or judgment, but to spark dialogue and build community.  I welcome your feedback, comments and questions.



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