Might I Suggest: Lesbian Custody Disputes in Court


If you are an LGBTQ parent, intend to be an LGBTQ parent or know an LGBTQ parent in Ohio, READ.  THIS.  NOW.

Lesbian Custody Disputes in Court: Progress and Pitfalls

by Carol Ann Fey and LeeAnn M. Massucci

It is an honest, informative overview of the legal vulnerabilities, options and obligations with respect to parents and their children who are the product of same-sex relationships.  Moreover, it was written by two amazing attorneys (whom I avidly adore) who have not only worked tirelessly in this arena, but have done so because they truly give a damn.

Becoming an LGBTQ parent is an intentional, but not always conscientious, endeavor.  Because of that, we run the risk of harming not only one another, but our children.  And they, if not us, deserve better.


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