The WonderPets: I’m napping here!

The WonderPets: I’m napping here!

Animals do wonderful things for us.  They cuddle with us when we’re lonely.  They kiss us when we’re sad.  They play with us when we’re bored.  Or working.  Either one.

They can also give us a break from the harsher realities of life and remind us to, simply, play.

Especially when your brother, the cat, is trying to nap.

The animals who nap together, are too tired to kill each other. For now.

Now this is a beautiful scene.  Two animals, lying together on a sunny morning, sweet as can be.

The Discovery

Macy: ooh! A cat! I bet he wants to play!


Scrooge: Dog. I’m napping.  Go away.

Macy: Oh, ok.  I’ll just wait till you’re up.

45 seconds is plenty long for a nap, right?

Macy: Up yet?

Talk to the paw!

Scrooge: No! I said…

Macy: GOTCHA!!!!!

Was it something I said?

Macy: Hey! Wait! Where ya goin’? I thought you were taking a nap!


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