Peyton Manning is the Stacey Dash of the NFL

Peyton Manning is the Stacey Dash of the NFL

We’ve all played the game with a girlfriend or boyfriend, husband or wife.

If I gave you one pass to sleep with your dream celebrity who was suddenly single, suddenly in town, and suddenly into you, who would that celebrity be?

The answers I’ve heard in the past are typical.  Halle Berry.  Beyonce’.  Brad Pitt.

When I asked my wife this question, she wasn’t sure what to do.  Since we weren’t in a bar with drunk people or at a party with drunk people, this “question drunk people ask” threw her off.  In her mind, it was a quandary that had little chance of happening but a lot of chance of getting her into trouble if she answered too easily.

So it took me a few minutes to pry “Stacey Dash” from her lips.

Sickening that this woman is 46, right?

Wife really had no reason to worry.  Between my baseless self-confidence and liberal views on sexuality, there was nothing about the question or her answer that would rattle me.

Now the 49ers on the other hand…

When it comes to quarterbacks in the NFL, it appears that Peyton Manning has Stacey Dash credentials.

He and his sexier than life spiral were firmly ensconced in a relationship, one that appeared air tight.   And while his leadership skills were the subject of many a GM’s wet dreams, few had any hope of those dreams coming true.

Until they did.

Two weeks ago, Peyton became suddenly single, suddenly in town, and suddenly into the 49ers.  Much to the chagrin of QB Alex Smith, they couldn’t resist the temptation to get in on the action.

Judging by the cold shoulder Alex gave his team for a few days, I’m gonna say they didn’t play the game.

So Alex flirted with another team to get his confidence back, Coach Harbaugh groveled a bit, and a new contract was signed.  Nothing but positive spin is getting to the press and fans are encouraged to look forward to another successful year.

But they still need to play the game.  Every QB should.  Because Peyton isn’t the only threat.  Before you know it, a new QB will have the swagger, the spiral, the football sexiness that you’d be a fool to expect any GM, even the most committed, to resist.

Sure, frank discussions about someone else whose prowess could eclipse your own, not to mention the loyalty and commitment of your relationship, can be unnerving.  But they make sense, in love and in business.  Everyone can be tempted.  No one person can fulfill every need.  Even Peyton Manning had a Peyton Manning.  His name is Luck.

Which makes me wonder… who is Stacey Dash’s Stacey Dash?


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