Toys – 1, Louis Vuitton – 0

Toys – 1, Louis Vuitton – 0

Mars is pretty obsessed with toy stores.  Not surprising, considering his age.  What is surprising is how many times he can work stopping at the toy store into a conversation.

Going to get groceries?  “Let’s stop by the toy store.”

Need gas?  “I think I see a toy store. ”

Discussing the true meaning of starvation and its prevalence in other countries?  “If they don’t have food, I guess that means that there aren’t any toy stores.”

Shangri La

You get the picture.

The only thing Mars likes discussing more than toy stores, is what those stores charge for their wares.  He’s developed, somehow, a very strong sense of value and what things should cost.  And it’s not just when he’s spending his own money.  He’s always available to offer an opinion on the value of what you’re buying and whether or not it’s a “good deal”.

Which brought about the following exchange the other night:

Mars: I want to go to the toy store everyday.
Mommy: Well, I’d like to go to the purse store everyday and you don’t see me there.
Mars:  Well, no.  But it would be easier for you to buy purses all the time than it would be for me to buy toys all the time.
Mommy: No its not because I spend all of my money on you.
Mars: Oh, well, that’s true.  And mom, if you’re thinking about having another kid, then, yeah, you’re never going to be able to buy anymore purses.
Mommy:  *jokingly appalled*  What?!?!  You mean I have to choose between a baby and a purse?!
Mars:  *serious 8yo voice*  Mom.  [pause for effect]  Come on. It’s a purse.  Besides, they over charge for them.  They cost, like, $236.  Isn’t that too much?  I think it’s too much.  They should really cost like $40.  Right?
Mommy: ***silently debating whether or not to agree with him because he has a point, but …***
Mars:  And gas, too, Mom.  They definitely charge too much for gas.

So, the good news is that I resisted the urge to tell Mars that he was going to make some woman or man very unhappy with his unrealistic fashion budgeting expectations.

The bad news is, I shared this exchange with the wife who now thinks we should adopt Mars’ budgeting strategies.

And now, when you see me with a grocery bag on my arm, you’ll know why.


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