If You Loved Me, You’d Read My Blog


Happy New Year beautiful people!

For my first post of the new year, I wanted to say thank you. For reading, for commenting and just generally paying attention to what this little Black woman has to say. Don’t get me wrong — I would blog in an empty, silent Internet the same way your crazy Uncle Albert carries on for hours with a blank wall. Writing is just as good for my crazy as one-sided conversations are for Al’s, so I won’t give it up simply for lack of audience. But your presence certainly enhances the experience.

So what shall 2012 bring us and where shall it take us? I foresee more “Cats Paws”, more shenanigans from The Wonderpets, a little exploration of the city I call home, and, of course, words of wisdom from an 8yo. Cause prepubescent kids named after planets have ALL the answers.

Love to you and yours and wishes for a wonderful journey through 2012.


P.S. Comments, questions, critique and topic ideas are always welcome. I promise I won’t bite. Hard.


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