The Wonderpets: Boxes, bases, and forcefields


One of the best things about my house is the never-ending game of tag that The Wonderpets play with one another.  They call a timeout for most of the day, but, in those short, 5-10 minute bursts of running, tagging and hiding, I’m thoroughly entertained.  The best part is probably when Scrooge gets on, or better yet, in, base.  For example:

Now that’s no ordinary box.  That’s a magic box.  What you don’t see in that picture is the invisible forcefield that protects Scrooge while he is hiding in an open box on base.  But oh is it real.  Do you see Macy in the upper left-hand corner there?  She’s respecting the forcefield.  As long as Scrooge is in that box, he can’t be touched.  Oh sure, he can be barked at and whined at.  Macy will pace around the box in impatient circles.  The poor puppy might even walk over to us and beg for our intervention if Scrooge stays in base too long (“Olly, Olly, oxen free!” is a bit beyond her vocabulary).  But she won’t. touch. Scrooge.

Goofiness A forcefield is a powerful, powerful thing.

Below, more pictures of Scrooge “on base”.


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