Introducing: Cats Paws


Cats paws: As a nautical term, cats paws are light winds on calm waters that make areas of small waves.

Here, Cats Paws is a weekly round up of the things that blew gently through my world and made me smile. This week:

1. Brunch at Surly Girl Saloon: Keeping with their wild west theme, Surly girl offers up a slate of western brunch goodies featuring plenty of tortillas, black beans and ranchero sauce. It’s a great change of pace from normal brunch fair and it’s served in the fun, “raise hell” Surly atmosphere. Brunch is especially scrumptious when paired with their Mexican hot chocolate made with Patron XO Cafe‘. So good, my wife proclaimed that she might never drink virgin hot chocolate again.

2. H2:  Sports buffs have ESPN2 and now history buffs have H2.  I love learning and H2 is a nerd’s paradise of “who knew?”
information you won’t get anywhere else.  History’s Mysteries, Modern MarvelsHow the States Got their Shapes, the list goes on and on.  H2 also borrows ESPN’s well-known “bottom line” concept, sharing tweet-like history tidbits from that date in history.  If you don’t feel like you could ace the SATs after watching a few hours, see your doctor.

3. Holiday Pride in the neighborhood: Our neighbors succeed at making the yuletide gay.









4. Oyster: Yes, it’s another travel site. But no, it’s not just another travel site.  Oyster sends out investigators to take photos of actual hotel rooms, pools and gyms without the marketing angles and tricks that appear on property websites as well as other travel sites (think Expedia, Orbitz, etc…)  Oyster also adds reviews which are something like the professional traveler version of what you would find on TripAdvisor.   Too bad Oyster was  a few years too late with this Photo Fakeout for the Hudson Hotel in NYC.  But it’s right on time for Vegas planning…

5. Paul Rudnick’s Revised Kinsey Scale:  Wanna play a game?   Print two copies of this scale, sit down with your partner or bestie, silently pick your number and the other person’s.  Compare notes.  Laugh.  Wanna up the ante?  Play the same game with your grandmother.  Instead of laughing, try not to throw up.


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