“I have special eyes!”


Says the 8 year old boy.

And he’s right.

Near-sighted -3.5Rx AND far sighted +2.5Rx.

Yes, you read that right. My 8 year old is going to be wearing bifocals.

Add double vision, eye fatigue and this crazy thing his eye muscles do when he tries to focus and we’re doing vision therapy too.


Last year all he wanted was his two front teeth (literally). This year, Santa might need to come through with some Lasik.



It appears that the Munchkin really did think he had special eyes. I asked him how long he had been seeing double:

“oh, kind of a long time.”

Well why didn’t you tell me?

“Because I kind of thought it was a special secret power and I was trying to figure out how to use it and control it. I thought I might be one of the X-Men.”

Yes, he’s dead serious. And no, I couldn’t make this shit up.


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