Introducing: The Wonder Pets


I have pets.  Pets that make me wonder…

“What in the hell were we thinking?!”

Scrooge, our oldest, is an orange American tabby with stripes.


There lies a master pouncer.

As a kitten, he was precocious, to say the least.  I literally barricaded myself inside my bedroom each night to prevent him from opening the door and pouncing on toes while I slept.  The wife is still afraid of him, and to be honest, he doesn’t much like her either.

Macy, the Puggle, is Scrooge’s little sister, and arch nemesis.  Macy was the Wife’s housemate when she moved to Cleveland from DC.  I just couldn’t say no to her when she talked about getting a puppy.  Her poor, fragile, southern body all alone in that cold, frozen tundra of the north.   But I shouldn’t have let her go alone.  In her words, all of the other puppies ran away, but Macy stayed.  To her, that was a sign that Macy liked her.  Now we know that that was a sign that Macy will always do the opposite of the smart thing in every situation.

For example:


Silly puppy

Oops. Wait. Wrong crazy kid.


Never met a height she wouldn't leap from.

Of all the crazy things this puppy does, chasing the cat has to be the craziest.  Did I mention that the cat hasn’t been declawed?  The games of hide & seek/ UFC Strikeforce are loud, fast and usually end in a warning hiss from Scrooge that even a goofy Puggle can’t ignore.  Can you blame him?  One can only have his head gnawed on by a puppy with an oral fetish so many times in one day.

And when the dust clears, there lie our pets, cuddled together in post-battle exhaustion, like so many brothers and sisters before them.

Say uncle!

And we’re left to wonder what we would ever do without them.

Boredom is a gateway drug. Avoid it at all costs. 


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