Pride Hangover


Now that our Pride hangovers have abated and injuries have healed, now that we’ve flown our rainbow flags and laughed with new friends and old, let’s dive back in.

To Pride.

I know, I know. Beat a dead horse why don’t I.

I tried folks. I really did. I told myself, “Bhan, Pride is done.  Move on to a new subject.  Get over it.”

And there it was again.  That… phrase that I haven’t been able to get out of my head.

Over it.

Let me lay some groundwork. Bear with me.

A few months ago, when Pride plans became the subject everyone was talking about, I started to hear people say what they weren’t going to be doing.  But it wasn’t the choice of activities that stopped me in my tracks, it was their reasoning.

“I’m so over the parade.”

“I’m so over the bars.”

“I’m so over Pride.” 

Huh? Over Pride??? How is that even possible?

Don’t get me wrong.  I know what these people likely meant.  They probably meant that they were no longer interested in doing the things that they had done in the past to celebrate Pride.  The things that they associated with Pride were no longer something that they felt meshed with their relationship status, age, position in the community, wallet, etc.  (Hey, the recession is real)  And that I have no qualms with whatsoever.

Just say that. Say, I’m trying something new this year. I’m hanging with new people this year. I’m experiencing Pride in a new way this year.

You can do it with kids and without. (I did both this year).  With lesbians or gay men (I did both of those too).  With young and old (ditto).  With and without liquor. (..… what? I’m still in my liquor phase. don’t judge me)

Anyway, the point is, wanting to experience new things is normal and healthy. Especially in a city like Columbus which has so many different things to offer.

But there’s nothing cool about being “over” a celebration of the freedoms we’ve fought for and the passion to fight for all the rest we’re still being denied . Or even saying that you are.

And if that is what you meant? If you really, truly believe that you are over Pride?


I’m over you.


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